mobileRMS is driven by your database, this means your database needs to be accessible on the internet for mobileRMS to work.

mobileRMS has no offline mode, if it cannot access your database it simply will not work.

To get mobileRMS setup you will need to have these things: 
  • Access to the computer with your RMS database
  • Database name, username and password
  • Internet with Static IP address or DynDNS
  • Modem username and Password
  • Average computer knowledge

If you don't think your up to the task you can always call your local RMS support engineer.

Step 1 - SQL Server Configuration

On this step we are making your database accessible on your local network.

  1. On the server computer open the start menu and navigate to the Microsoft SQL Server folder
  2. Within the Configuration Tools folder there will be an application "SQL Server Configuration Manager"
  3. Select SQL Server Network Configuration
  4. Select Protocols for MSSQLSERVER
  5. Make sure TCP/IP is enabled then right click on TCP/IP and choose Properties
  6. Select the IP Addresses tab
  7. Scroll down to IP ALL and clear any numbers in the TCP Dynamic Ports field
  8. In the TCP Port field enter a custom port number, we recommend 34200
  9. Click Ok, you will need to restart the service or your computer for changes to take effect

Step 2 - Computer Configuration

Now we are going to make your computers IP address static so that the modem can find your computer.

  1. Hold down the Windows Key + R
  2. Type cmd and press enter
  3. Type in ipconfig and press enter
  4. Take note of the IP address, subnet mask and default gateway (Eg. IP Address: - Subnet Mask: - Default Gateway:
  5. Now right click on Network or My Network Places and select properties
  6. Select your Local area connection and select properties
  7. Click on the option "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) then select properties
  8. Choose the option "Use the following IP Address" and enter the details you took note in step 4
  9. Enter the default gateway IP into the Preferred DNS server
  10. Click Ok and then Close
  11. You will also need to make sure your computer firewall is allowing traffic to your SQL service

Step 3 - Modem Configuration

We will now configure your modem so that it knows what computer holds the database. Guide
  1. Find out your modems IP address (Normally: or
  2. Log into your modem using the user name and password (Normally: user=admin pass=password)
  3. Look for an option Port Forwarding
  4. Add a rule that forwards your custom port (Step 1.8) to your computers IP address
  5. If you have an option for a source IP address use, this will ensure you only allow access for mobileRMS
  6. Save modem settings

Step 4 - mobileRMS

  1. Log into your account and select the My Account option
  2. Fill in your connection details:
    1. SQL Server / IP Address = Your internet IP address + "," (comma) + your custom port number Eg.,34200
    2. Database = Your database name
    3. Username = SQL Username
    4. Password = SQL Password
  3. Select Save
  4. You will now have the option to select a cashier / user, select Save after choosing the cashier


We take securing your data very seriously, we encrypt your login details as well as your connection details.

Allowing access to your database over the internet

Lots of websites including eCommerce and Content Management Systems will use a Microsoft SQL database exactly like yours, the majority of these databases can be accessed from anywhere in the world, allowing your database to be accessible on the internet is common and safe.

There are a number for measures you can take for ensuring safe access to your database over the internet:

  • Set a strong SQL password
  • Custom ports - By using a custom port number you are making the address of your database unique.

Click here for more information on security

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