We take securing your data very seriously, we encrypt your login details as well as your connection details.

Allowing access to your database over the internet

Lots of websites including eCommerce and Content Management Systems will use a Microsoft SQL database exactly like yours, the majority of these databases can be accessed from anywhere in the world, allowing your database to be accessible on the internet is common and very safe.

There are a number for measures you can take for ensuring safe access to your database over the internet:

  • Set a strong SQL password
  • Custom ports - By using a custom port number you are making the address of your database unique.
  • Port Forwarding Source IP - Enter as the source IP address when you are creating your port forwarding rule, this will make your database only accessible through mobileRMS.

SQL Injection Attacks

mobileRMS handles for injection attacks, however these are highly un-likely as they would need access to your mobileRMS account to perform them.


I'm concerned about opening up the SQL server to the public internet

Allowing internet access to your database is common and very safe - More on Security

Will mobileRMS work with a VPN?

Yes, you just need a static IP or (Dyn DNS) where the server computer is located.

Is there an option to use the tablet / phone on an internal network?

No, your database will need to be accessible on the internet for mobileRMS to work.

Where do I change my SQL password?

You can change your SQL password through Store Operations Administrator under the database option, make sure you update connection settings on all registers after doing so.

Can I use a barcode scanner with mobileRMS?

Yes, you can use compatible Bluetooth barcode scanner. More Info